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Agent Interview: Carrie Pestritto

1. What was your path to becoming an agent? 

I found agenting by complete accident! I've always loved books, so a career in publishing seemed natural, but I didn't even know literary agents existed until a friend in college told me to apply for  the summer internship program at Writers House.  After my internship there, I was hired on as an assistant, and then moved to Prospect where I've been an agent for 6 years!

2. Why agenting, specifically? 

Agenting wasn't always on my radar, but it certainly is my dream career! There's something really special about partnering with incredible authors to advocate for them and bring their books into the world. There are a lot of truly magical moments in agenting, from finding something incredible in the slush pile that makes you forget about everything else in the world, to helping an author you believe in build their career. Being an agent allows me to wear many hats--scout, editor, negotiator, advocate, and more--and I love every part of what I do!

3. What's at the top of your wishlist right now? 

Diverse mysteries! I'd love to find a great new voice with a fresh take on the genre, and a character who won't get out of my head! I'm also looking for something with the vibe of Crazy Rich Asians, or a romance set in a bakery or a cooking competition.

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